World Property Business Club

Connecting Real Estate agencies around the world

The WORLD PROPERTY BUSINESS CLUB promotes exchanges between its members and professionals from all over the world, enables its ads to be broadcast internationally, to benefit from training and to participate in exclusive events throughout the year.

By joining the WORLD PROPERTY BUSINESS CLUB, you will be able to:

– Show your ads on

– Access Proxio Connect, a platform that brings together more than 700,000 real estate professionals around the world and allows you to connect with your future partners

– Train yourself in E-learning thanks to the TRC (Transnational Referral Certification) certification training that will give you the keys to succeed in your international transactions (taxation, legislation, strategy, marketing …)

– Increase your customer base and create an international visibility with the use of the WORLD PROPERTY BUSINESS CLUB logo on your different marketing and communication tools, to generate more transactions and exclusive sales

In today’s market, buying a property is complex enough when the transaction is local. Buying a property in another country adds complexity. The members of the WPBC however, are experts in international transactions and will provide the support the buyer needs.

The members of the WPBC are trained and understand the global market business practices and can assist both buyers and sellers. Using online resources of this website, buyers and sellers can locate a professional who will market their properties to a worldwide market, or who will help you find and buy your property abroad.

All members of the WPBC adhere to a code of ethics that commits them to professionalism and service to their clients

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